Are not all ene…

Are not all enemies friends?

Everybody has that one person they don’t like. But humans automatically sign that person off as an enemy. But nobody hates people for no reason. There are those people we don’t like, even though we have never talked to them, but that hate isn’t actually real. In order to consider an enemy of someone, you needed to know that person first. You needed to be friends with that person. But then there had to be something, that caused you to change your label of that person from “friend” to “enemy”. So, if we were friends with our enemy a long time ago, then why not fix the wrongs, and once again change the label from “enemy” to “friend”.

The Empty Meaning of What People Do to the World

There are so many people out there, who have turned Tumblr into the new Facebook. Tumble used to be the place where you could keep a real blog, and actually post thing that were worth posting. Now all that it has, it crazy teens, who post random pictures that, yes, I admit, are funny, but they have diminished the actual idea of a blog. It has to have meaning. And those people who are reading this, might say, “ohh, well then, what is the point of your blog?” And I can admit it, that in the technical view, this blog has no defined purpose. It’s just me, writing about the things that I see and feel, and putting it more into a broad perspective. And I don’t aim at changing peoples minds about things, because I’m a stubborn person myself, and I also think that my ideasare probably the only correct ones. But I already reached the point that thousands of people are yet to reach: Everybody has their own opinion, and if they don’t like your opinion, stop pushing it doen their throats. They can think whatever they want to think, and it’s up to them to see if their opinion and ways work out. And hey, everybody learns from their mistakes, and from the mistakes of others.

A Weekend Person

It’s true. I’m not a weekend person; but then again, who on this world actually is? This might sound confusing, but I’m not a weekend person, but I actually love the weekend. It’s the two days in the week, where I can just forget about everythhing going on i my life, and do the things I want, not the things I have to do.
But there is always a bad side to everything good. In the society that we live in, we are technically “forced” to do a lot of things that we dont like doing on weekends. I actually like spending my weekend sitting at home, laying on my couch, playing music, and randomly surfing the web. But people are expected to go out, go to clubs, meet with friends, and the question is, don’t we do a lot of those things during the week? I see my friends every day, or almost every day, so if i take a break from them for two days, then what is the big problem?
But don’t take me wrong. I’m not an antisocial person. I’m actually quite outgoing.
But what I am saying, is that every person deserves to just sit alone, not doing anything, and just being lazy, without automatically being judged as someone “antisocial” and “boring”.

Ranting About Life: Deal With it…

A lot of people don’t actually realize that the reality of any situation is, that there is never a perfect one. I mean, when has anything ever worked out perfectly? I’ll tell you when; Never. Then again, I’m not saying that everything in life is supposed to be in “movie scenarios”, where everything causes some huge chain reaction, that later turns out to be the better, because usually mistakes don’t turn out as something positive. 

So what I’m trying to say, is STOP making a big deal out of everything that happens not the way that you planned it to happen. Yes, mistakes happen, deal with it.

As of now, I finish my ranting about life for today. 

The Person We Pretend to Be

I want to live in a world where we fight for happiness, not one where we fight to show off our happiness.

Many of us keep up a powerful “image” of a happy person. But we don’t fight to actually be happy, but for the feeling so that other people will see us as a happy person. And in this process, we loose the feeling that we want other people to feel.

Because We Can

All the people who are always saying, “If you set your mind to anything, you will achieve that”. And let me just say my response to that: No. Setting your mind to something, does not in any imaginative part of this world, make it magically happen. Yes, setting a specific goal for yourself is an important part of achieving that goal, but in comparison to the OTHER steps needed, it is quite irrelevant. For example, I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t wish to become a successful, and financially rich individual. But how many of those people actually become rich in their lives, almost none. Because the most important part, is what you do to accomplish that goal, not whether one “sets their mind to it”.


The Mystical World

The Mystical World is everything we know and don’t know, but it’s up to us how we take advantage of it.

I was thinking about what I know and don’t know about the world, and it came to me, that in reality, no one knows everything; and it is only up to us whether we work towards assuming perfectibility and correctness in our daily lives.