Greek Life? I’ll Pass

Penn State University prudes themselves on having one of the largest Greek presence on campus in the United States. And while many see this as a larger opportunity to hopefully get accepted into a fraternity out sorority, I see it as the worst choice one can make.

Many people would disagree with me on the usefulness of frats and sororities. Yes, networking is one is the most appealing things about Greek Life, add well as make quick and good friends.

But what are the real things that you have to give up our pay in order to actually participate in one.

1. Let’s start with fees. Jenny Pettitte don’t realize how much unnecessary money goes to bring in Greek Life. Monthly fees ate at the lowest that I’ve seen, at 300 dollars a month. This doesn’t include what you’re already posting to live on campus, but does it cover anything other than the fact that you can tell people that you belong. Every time I hear someone say they were a member of some frat or sorority, the only thing that goes through my mind is “I paid thousands of dollars throughout my college career so that I can feel better about myself”.

2. The hazing. Oh, did you think that disappeared in the 90’s? That it doesn’t exist anymore? You could not be more wrong. Although Greek organizations don’t literally physically haze people anymore, you are hazed in other ways. Was there a party in the house? Guess who’s cleaning up? That’s right, it’s you. Someone has to take the consequence or fall for something, guess who’s doing it. You are.

3. The limitation. Yes, it’s your first year of college, and you probably don’t have any friends. And joining a frat or sorority is an easy way to make friends. All the people who are in the same house become metaphorically your “brothers” or “sisters”. But by limiting yourself to only becoming friends with those people, you’re losing the opportunity to meet so many amazing people that aren’t interested in Greek Life.

In the end, it’s everyone’s Penn choice whether or not to join Greek Life. But just remember that with every thing you do, there is a consequence. Make sure you make the right choice.

And The Adventure Is Over (Again)

Literature is what makes man an educated being. It’s literature that trains our imagination to become creative and innovative members of society. From ma’s goodnight stories all the way to college graduate level papers on String Theory; Literature is what separates man from beast.

And yes, I think everyone has heard that paragraph too many times in their lives already. But, it’s repeated because it’s so true.

But as someone who reads not because they seek to become the next Steven Hawking, but rather for enjoyment, it dreads me to see another great time with Dan Brown fade away. Brown, from the publishing of his second book, has been my all time favorite author. The unraveling mysteries, the deep and symbolic answers, and the detailed and thought out solutions to every case that comes Robert Langdon’s way is what keeps the reader on their toes throught the entire book.

Angels and Demons, Brown’s first book has to be the greatest of them all. Although it doesnt provide as many controversial and secretive ideas as his other books do, AnD still manages to top my list of favorite books.  Although I’ve read every single book he had published twice already, about a week ago I decided to give Angels and Demons another read. Mostly because I couldn’t stop myself. And now, almost a week later, I have to say goodbye to the series once again.

And that’s the worst part. Having to say goodbye to three things that you love. And even though they will always be there for me to read again, it will never be the same as it was the first time.

P.S. Dan Brown, write another book!

Best 10 Dollars Spend

Venturing into the depths of the loud, under crowded, and entirely too expensive Urban Outfitters, I happened to walk by the section that houses all the books and other novelty items that they sell along with clothing. Yes, I think I only go to that store for that section. And Yes, I regularly buy things from them, but only from that one section. But sitting on the table all the way in the back, hidden by stacks and stacks of comedic books, lies this small paperback, with the whole stack looking like they’ve never been touched by a shopper. 

The book, as it turns out, is only filled with quotes. Quote after quote, shadowed by only the short three paragraph introduction in the beginning. Its title, reads also a quote; 

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

This tiny, almost pocket sized book is filled with what looks to be almost 400 different inspirational quotes. Motivation for Dreams and Doers. This had me thinking. And if the question does come up, yes, I had been standing in front of the table with books for about two minutes, and the incredibly polite worker had asked me if I needed anything at least twice already.

I think we’re all dreamers. We all want to be something, do something, become something in the future. Some of us want to be rich, others want a nice family with two kids. The fact of the matter, is that a good chunk of what causes emotional and psychological pain to humans is not getting what we want. Not similar to wanting a Snickers bar and getting a Milky Way. Rather, knowing that as young college students or even high school students, we all had some type of passion. For me, it is theatrical lighting. For others, is science, or business, or anything else that someone’s heart could desire.

And the thing that really hit me, was that this small book, filled with what is actually just words said by people just like you and me, is able to inspire not just me, but hundreds of other people that rate this book as 5 stars or that really enjoyed reading it. it’s the fact that other people have the ability to influence our lives for something that they said, is what amazes me. And yes, we should listen to them, we should pursue our dreams. Because maybe I’m a very open minded and optimistic person, but those who follow their dreams, are always those who accomplish more than they ever could dream about.

“But the right words delivered at the right time, be people who’ve walked the walk,can be just what we need-words that say, I did it and so can you

Here’e the link to the book, is anyone would be interested in buying it:
Comment if you know of any other books like this, I would really want to buy some more.