It’s Not All About Love: Thank You Imagine Dragons

Music is an incredibly large part of my life. Though it may seem like a pass time or only something that is subtly playing in the background as I take care of everyday things such as shopping and answering emails, the more that I look back at a normal day, the more I realize how lost I would be without it. It doesn’t just give me inspiration, but it actually is the thing that helps me wake up in the morning and accomplish whatever it is in that I planned on getting done that day. And one of the best things about that is that there is music available for every type of mood or purpose that I need it to be for. When I’m feeling sad and alone, there are songs that assure me that there are people who care. When I’m feeling incredibly happy and joyful, there is music to keep me in that mood. When I’m feeling heartbroken, there is music to ease the pain. And that’s where my point comes in. I’m am incredibly tired of dealing with songs that talk only about love; what it feels like, how to get it, and even what it feels like to lose it. I’m tired of hearing all of that. It seems that any radio station that I turn on these days, it is always some song written by some “pop queen” talking about how someone broke her heart. Which is why I turn my attention to Imagine Dragons. Yes, I did just see their concert here in Chicago yesterday, and yes, it was absolutely breathtaking. But I would like to point out that outside of the fact that their music is absolutely amazing and fantastic, none of their songs are about love or heartbreak. All of their songs are about the individual. Although I absolutely agree that it is not okay to categorize and generalize an entire album into one theme, Imagine Dragons’ new album is all about achieving and doing whatever someone dreams of doing.

I don’t think there’s a feeling that matches an entire concert hall filled with thousands of people singing “I’m on top of the world” at the top of their lungs. One of the songs that headlined their Night Visions album, the song was the highlight of last years concert, as massive balloons fell from the sky on the last chorus, and continues to crowd surf for the rest of the concert. All in all I wanted to say that I was weary before I actually went there. High ticket prices, and not the best seats made me think that the amount that I paid wasn’t worth the night. I could not have been more wrong by the end of the night. The last remarks that my friend and I made that night was “I forgot how much I loved them”. And I’ve never said anything more true. Go to concerts, folks. Live a little. Maybe it’s a lot of money, and you’ll definitely feel it in your wallet, but it will always be completely worth it. Because you’ll never forget the memories you made there.

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