It’s Not All About Love: Thank You Imagine Dragons

Music is an incredibly large part of my life. Though it may seem like a pass time or only something that is subtly playing in the background as I take care of everyday things such as shopping and answering emails, the more that I look back at a normal day, the more I realize how lost I would be without it. It doesn’t just give me inspiration, but it actually is the thing that helps me wake up in the morning and accomplish whatever it is in that I planned on getting done that day. And one of the best things about that is that there is music available for every type of mood or purpose that I need it to be for. When I’m feeling sad and alone, there are songs that assure me that there are people who care. When I’m feeling incredibly happy and joyful, there is music to keep me in that mood. When I’m feeling heartbroken, there is music to ease the pain. And that’s where my point comes in. I’m am incredibly tired of dealing with songs that talk only about love; what it feels like, how to get it, and even what it feels like to lose it. I’m tired of hearing all of that. It seems that any radio station that I turn on these days, it is always some song written by some “pop queen” talking about how someone broke her heart. Which is why I turn my attention to Imagine Dragons. Yes, I did just see their concert here in Chicago yesterday, and yes, it was absolutely breathtaking. But I would like to point out that outside of the fact that their music is absolutely amazing and fantastic, none of their songs are about love or heartbreak. All of their songs are about the individual. Although I absolutely agree that it is not okay to categorize and generalize an entire album into one theme, Imagine Dragons’ new album is all about achieving and doing whatever someone dreams of doing.

I don’t think there’s a feeling that matches an entire concert hall filled with thousands of people singing “I’m on top of the world” at the top of their lungs. One of the songs that headlined their Night Visions album, the song was the highlight of last years concert, as massive balloons fell from the sky on the last chorus, and continues to crowd surf for the rest of the concert. All in all I wanted to say that I was weary before I actually went there. High ticket prices, and not the best seats made me think that the amount that I paid wasn’t worth the night. I could not have been more wrong by the end of the night. The last remarks that my friend and I made that night was “I forgot how much I loved them”. And I’ve never said anything more true. Go to concerts, folks. Live a little. Maybe it’s a lot of money, and you’ll definitely feel it in your wallet, but it will always be completely worth it. Because you’ll never forget the memories you made there.

The Most Iconic of Concerts

The memories of seeing the most iconic band of our generation still is what I consider one of the best days of this year. And being that it’s all most over, that means something. In the middle of March, when although hard to believe, it was freezing beyond belief, I ventured out from under my wifi-enabled rock, and came out to see Imagine Dragons.

Wait for the hipster moment, because “I knew of the band way before it was popular, and I listened to them even before they were on the radio”. And as much as that sounds like something those incredibly annoying people would say, it is entirely true. And no, I’m not mad that they became popular and that they’re songs are all over the radio. They’re an amazing band, and their music is pure genius, so they should be gaining recognition for their work.

Anyway, here’s little old me taking the bus to the concert arena, excited beyond belief. I was supposed to meet my friend at the venue, and because I’ve never been there, and knowing that there would be more people than air, I was slightly freaking out on the inside. But I got there, and long story short, I got to my seat, meeting my friend and the other people she brought along too. 

And this is where the problem arrises. I found my way to my seat. My seat. Somewhere a couple of months ago, little old Konrad and his friend decided that even though the tickets were more expensive, they should buy seats, instead of standing on the floor. Knowing me, there’s nothing that I love more than sitting and laying down, and not having to stand. But after the opening acts, and when Imagine Dragons finally came on, the people on the floor were having a party, dancing, and actually enjoying themselves.

But I was there, along with the other people who bought seats, stuck in the awkward thought of whether we should stand or sit, or if we should put our hands up or not, or if it would be weird if we did anything we would normally do at a concert. In the long run, this partially ruined the concert, because we were so far away, even though we technically had good seats, and we couldn’t “jam out” or anything. Never again, in my life, will I ever get seats for a concert if floor tickets are available, close to the band. 

Nonetheless, Imagine Dragons performed amazingly. The concert was even more amazing that I could have ever thought possible. If you ever love a band, and you’re thinking that tickets for them are too expensive, don’t listen to yourself. If this is a band that you really love, you only live once, and even though you might be able to go to another one of their concerts in the future, you’ll never be able to go to that specific concert if you pass on it. Take the opportunities you’re given, before they’re all gone. 

Imagine Dragons Concert 2013 CHICAGO Video

And if the question does come up; Yes, I won the Night Visions CD. Yes, I also own that album on vinyl. And yes, i have entirely too many Imagine Dragons accessories. 

Bring the Arts Back!

Sing it for the boys. Sing it for the girls. Everytime that you loose it sing it for the world. Sing it from the heart.

Arts are an important part of the education of all students. I think, that in the terrible situation almost all school districts are experiencing, it is important to not take arts programs away, but to enhance them even more. By offering a multitude of courses and levels, as well as Advance Placement classes in the arts, we will be directly improving test scores, limiting stress upon students, as well as spurring the creativity more and more students are missing out on. Lets take another strong stand for the arts. Music, arts, and drama are the future. And our students are the future.

Because EARTH without ART is just EH..

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…makes me see another point of view
…makes life look beautiful
…makes me want to drive all night long
…says all the things that I always wanted to say
…makes me hum in the elevator
…brings a tear to my eye
…makes me believe I’m gonna be alright
…makes my soul ache
…reminds me of what I wanted to be
…makes me feel good
…taps my toes
…makes me dance like a fool
…makes me sing in the shower
…makes me wanna party all night long
…makes me wanna sing outloud
…heals wounds
…is fearless
…inspires me
…is passion
…makes the sky look bigger
…rocks my world
…plays all over the world
…makes me want to play in 2 part harmony
…gets this party started
…cranks up my stereo
…keeps my heart beating

Music makes me, Me.

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Does Anybody Remember?

All artists and musicians change their form of music over time. It’s definately not going to be a complete change in genre, but one will definately notice small changes, that when all added up, cause the music to sound different. Yeah, I know, I’m not making any sense right now. So, to explain: I’m not a hardcore fan of Lady Gaga. But she is a complete example of how music changes along the artist. Does anybody remember the original songs Lady Gaga produced like “Just Dance” and “Pokerface”? Those were the good songs; They were catchy, and were actually fun to listen to. Now compare those songs with some of the new songs she has produced like “Marry the Night”, “You and I”, and “Edge of Glory”. I’m not saying that her new songs are completely awful, as some of them have really meaningful lyrics, and are even catchy to the ear, but all of them sound like remixed disco songs from the 80’s. The song “Hair”, even though it never reached massive popularity, is actually good in my opinion. But its the oppressive sameness of songs that sound like remixes of old disco songs from the 80’s tht has caused Lady Gaga to loose popularity lately.
Artists should stick to their roots. Of course this doesn’t apply to every artist, because it’s that kick of new innovation that sometimes gives artists the popularity they once held.
Now that you’ve heard my rant about Lady Gaga, you know what I wish I could tell her.